PE R710 - ESXi 5.1 - BIOS and Firmware Updates Failing

Greetings, I have a Dell PE R710 running ESXi 5.1 and I have it reporting into my Open Manage Essentials console via the DRAC. I see a list of BIOS and Firmware updates for the system under the system update section however when I go to apply them I receive the following Error for them. Results: Downloading Packages. Calling InstallFromUri method to Download packages to the iDRAC Downloading Package: SAS-RAID_Firmware_F96NR_WN32_6.3.3-0002_X00.EXE onto the iDRAC Package download has successfully started and the Job ID is JID_001398183815 The URI given to the iDRAC to download from: http://xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx:1278/install_packages/Packages/SAS RAID_Firmware_F96NR_WN32_6.3.3-0002_X00.EXE Package verification failed. MessageID: RED007 The JOBID JID_001398183850 has failed with the following message: Package verification failed. MessageID: RED007 Download Error occured. Package SAS-RAID_Firmware_F96NR_WN32_6.3.3-0002_X00.EXE failed to download on target device. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thank you
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RE: PE R710 - ESXi 5.1 - BIOS and Firmware Updates Failing


It sounds like it may be a port issue. What you can do is run this command repeatedly

netstat -ano | find /i "IP ADDRESS"

on the OME box while you try to run the update. When it brings back return information verify the port, and also that it shows ESTABLISHED to the side. If not the port may not be open. Use listed port and verify it is open.

Let me know what you see.

Chris Hawk

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