PowerEdge T110 SAS 6 Controller Card drives degraded Cannot find hard drives or Initalize

Hi all,


Wonder if someone may assist me here.


Old PowerEdge T110, Previously set up by so called IT person, not using Raid from what I can tell.

Anyway I have 2 x 456g Dell hard drives that came with system.

SAS 6 Controller card also came with system, cannot initialize them or me. As you can see from Photo they are degraded.  I have gone into Ctrl R to try and initialize, but it doesn't even find the drives.


I can only assume the previous person set them up using BIOS, although I cannot repeat what he did that way either.   I have one or twice got one of rives during BIOS mode to try to booty to Windows 2008 ***, but get blue screen error which is so quick, I had to capture message on screen via video camera. So I could slow it down to see error message. Photo of error message below.

I do have backups on USB drives for system, but I have know idea as I said how it was originally set up, so they are not Suggested good to me, as settings at Hardware level I suspect makes backups useless.

Error I do an F disk, well I would if I could repat my action and get it to get to that stage again.  Currently running ingretely test using system services UEFI


Controller card pasts tests okay.

BUT the test for hard drives, is not even an option I can choose.

Well let forget about Raid issue for now.

If Bios mode won’t boot even to a boot blue screen message and Raid won't initialise disks, what else may I try?

Man did this person know what he as doing or what!


I am going to update system using ISO boot for all of the firmware, Bios etc

As per this link.






Any thought advice welcome



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