Support Assist "Unable to verify SNMP configuration"


I'm setting up a new supportassist server and trying to add a device (R630). BIOS, firmware, and lifecycle controller are all up to date.

When I try to run the "Configure SNMP" task, I get the following error:

"SupportAssist Enterprise has configured the SNMP settings successfully, but the automated test to verify the SNMP settings was unsuccessful.

To resolve the issue, verify the network settings and make sure that the SNMP port (162) is open.

Error Code : 5000_15"

There's no firewall blocking it, there's an snmp service listening on port 162 

[snmp.exe] UDP

I can see in OpenManage that the SNMP trap is generated on the target server and using wireshark I can see that it's received by the supportassist server.

No. Time Source Destination Protocol Length Info
1 0.000000 <idrac IP> <supportassist IP> SNMP 479 trap iso. .....

I can also see there's some OIDs that return null values so I'm curious if this is why it's giving me the error?

These are:



alertMessageArguments <MISSING>
Object Name: (iso.
Value (OctetString): <MISSING> <MISSING>
Object Name: (iso.
Value (OctetString): <MISSING> <MISSING>
Object Name: (iso.
Value (OctetString): <MISSING>

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