iDRAC 7 Enterprise on Dell Poweredge r620 issues


we recently upgrade firmware on r620 dell server and we have issue with login to iDRAC 7.

iDRAC works 2-3 days and that we can't login and it's stops to work.

Here are details of iDRAC firmware version:

Firmware Version

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RE: iDRAC 7 Enterprise on Dell Poweredge r620 issues

Maybe similar to:


I am not on 2.41.40 yet but it seems like this could be like the memory leak that plagued earlier revisions of idrac7. There was a syslogd memory leak then idrac debug code that was left in for a few releases.

"Racreset" then keep running "racadm racdump". Watch the VSZ column in the Process Information section. If one of the processes keep growing and never flattens there is a leak.

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