Can some provide some guidance to the login details for Openmange, just keeps returning login error.



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RE: openmange


What is the OS on the server, also what OpenManage tool are you using?

Lastly which login is it of the four?

  • Server Administrator Local System Login
  • Server Administrator Managed System Login — Using the Desktop Icon
  • Server Administrator Managed System Login — Using The Web Browser
  • Central Web Server Login

If you are referring to just the local Server admin then read the following;

To log in to Server Administrator on a local system:

  1. Type your preassigned Username and Password in the appropriate fields on the Systems Management Log in window.
        *If you are accessing Server Administrator from a defined domain, you must also specify the correct Domain name.
  2. Select the Active Directory Login check box to log in using Microsoft Active Directory. See Using the Active Directory Login. 
  3. Click Submit.

To end your Server Administrator session, click Log Out located in the upper-right corner of each Server Administrator home page.

If any of the other logins then let me know and I will give the directions for each.

Let me know.

Chris Hawk

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RE: openmange

Hi Chris


I am using version 6.5.0, which I downloaded from the list of software on the dell site for my server, running Server 2008 R2.


As to which login, I start the software and it goes to a webpage https://servername:1311/servlet/OMSALogin?msgStatus=null, not sure which login that would be.


I have tried by AD login, Administrator AD login and have been through all the combinations of tick boxes, just get a login failure message





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