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2.2 Froyo update for ATT

Intresting discussion with ATT regarding the elusive 2.2 update.....ATT cant get the OTA update out to customers because its is to much info for thier 3G network....nice (sarcasm)

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Re: 2.2 Froyo update for ATT

This really makes you wonder just how much research went into this unit.  How long
would Motorola, Samsung, Apple, and others last if they sold their customers phones
with promises that in a few months it would be updated to a newer version and it
never happened.  I am still in awe the amount of products that I have bought from
Dell over the years, 9 laptops, 5 desktops, and 2 Axims, that operated nearly
flawless.  Then I end up with a device that makes me think of my beginnings with a
Commodore 64 computer.  How can this device fall so short of expectations and still
be running 1.6 when 2.2 was promised by the end of the year as a selling point.  If they can
not deliver, then let us return the units and refund our money.  I for one am tired
of being part of this test project in order to develop other items.  Dell, let's get
this one fixed as promised and put the other mobile projects on hold until you can
get this one working on 2.2 as promised.

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Re: 2.2 Froyo update for ATT

Dell are very late into the game with mobile devices and wanted a piece of the action too. But rather than design a flawless product and extensively test it. A beta concept was launched onto the market hoping that Dell users would be happy with aesthetics alone and be foregiven for everything else.

Do Dell care? Well No! they are big enough to take it on the chin and bluff it out with the no problem exists mentality.

My own company trialled a quantity of Streaks with the possibility of introducing them corporate wide which would have resulted in the purchasing of several thousand. Sadly  they all failed to come anywhere close to being a suitable product, flawed design , flawed software and most heinous of all is zero back up and a care less attitude to problems.


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Re: 2.2 Froyo update for ATT

Although I agree that Streak was a beautiful concept poorly implemented, since so many issues are being reported as compared to any other device, but as far as my experience goes Dell is the only company which has given instant replacement unheard of by any other manufacturer. Even the refund is given if you are not satisfied with the product although I hope I do not have to use this option as I am satisfied with the device till now.

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