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7840 Android 6.0 marshmallow update? where is it?


I love my 32gb 7840. I just bought a second one 16gb yesterday and now i'm thinking maybe i should return it for a nexus because i don't see that Dell is planning on supporting their premium android tablet beyond the 5.1 update. 

$4-500.00 is iPad pricing without the commitment to the buyer that dell will keep it updated, secure and relevant. 

Android 6 has so many improvements it's hard for me to believe that Dell would introduce such a premium device and then ignore it. who do they think they are? Samsung? 

I can only hope dell gets the need to differentiate themselves by offering updates through several generations. If they don't then tablet buyers will not buy Dell's tablets. i won't for certain when i can buy a nexus that will get updates through the generations. 

While i love it my 7840 may be on CL early next year if it doesn't get marshmallow. 

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RE: 7840 Android 6.0 marshmallow update? where is it?

I have a 32GB V8-7K coming to me and I also am hopeful the move to Android 6.0 occurs.  With that said, my 7840 is replacing my iPad 2 from 2011.  I remember when that thing was snappy... its now a dog.  For me, whether it is driving out all the bugs from 5.1 or updating to 6.0, I'm fairly indifferent, and actually value a decision to not push out an OS that will challenge the hardware... but based on the early reviews, 6.0 actually improves the hardware performance, at least based on the hardware the 7840 is carrying.  In summary, I'd like to read a definitive "yes" or "no" from Dell about 6.0 for the Venue 8 7000.

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RE: 7840 Android 6.0 marshmallow update? where is it?

I agree completely, but where should we make our opinions known to Dell ?

If I don't see 6.0 soon, I will have to sell my current 7840 and get something better.

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RE: 7840 Android 6.0 marshmallow update? where is it?

sell the dell..

They will never put out a marshmallow rom for this so called flagship device.

I mean... $400 for a tablet that they abandoned in less then a year.

Shame on you dell, we worked hard for our money to have you sh{tbags walk away laughing.

thanks dell.. my money will never cross your path again, and I might keep convincing all the people in the IT department at the major hospital system I may or may not work in..

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RE: 7840 Android 6.0 marshmallow update? where is it?

Same here. Dell will never again get a penny from me. Worst support ever!