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Aero locks up when texting

While on a call, my Aero disconnected the call and gave me an "SMS Full" error message.  Since then, I have not been able to delete any old texts or send new ones. 

I have tried to delete selected messages and all messages several times.  It appears to try to do this, but then returns to the main SMS page with all texts still there - but the date and time for each text has updated to the current date & time (I really hope it is not sending out all of my old texts again).

When I try to create a new text, it will let me enter two words then lock up.  I have to pull the battery to get it unstuck.

Yes, I have powered off many, many times.  I also deleted all unused apps.  I have not downloaded anything new recently so I don't think it is an app causing the problem.  But, with the old version of Andriod the Aero runs, anything is possible.

Any suggestions?

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