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Another Dell Venue 8 Pro.....Bites the Dust?

I was wondering if anybody has run across anything similar to my situation. I'll try to make this as short as possible emoticon.TongueTied.title

So yesterday I decided I wanted to do a clean install of Widows 10 on my DV8P since I had maybe 883kb left on my C:/ drive

  • I did the free upgrade from Windows 8.1 at the beginning of last month and then upgraded the tablet from Windows 10 Home to Windows 10 Education
    • I kept getting errors about inserting iso media (although I had both a flash drive and an SD card) when I tried to reset, refresh, etc.
    • I did not turn Bitlocker off, thinking it would be fine sine I have the key.
  • The end result is when I try to enter setup or change boot order, I get this touch keyboard which is responsive followed by a blue loading bar beneath the Dell logo and then it just freezes.

  • I cannot boot from any media.


Would it be possible to build a restore image from my other DV8P tablet? I have probably wiped it out completely but does anybody know anything about this? any suggestions?


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RE: Another Dell Venue 8 Pro.....Bites the Dust?

I had the exact same trouble in the Windows 10 upgrade and the tablet is trying to restore itself back to Windows 8.1 for 3 days!

Are there any answers our there?

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