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I have read most of the posts on the Dell Streak. I bought mine from CARPHONEWAREHOUSE in UK and have all sorts of issues with the upgrade etc but the most annoying part of this otherwise great bit of kit is battery life. I dont call myself a heavy user but I unplugged my Streak at 6.30am this morning and now at 11.20 battery life is at 36%. I have turned off all my syncs, screen time out is set to 1 minute etc. Everything other users have told me to do, I have done. I however have just checked the battery usage and Cell Standby is at 38% (What is this) Phone Idle is 27% (not sure what this is either) Display 14% Android system 7% Voice calls 6% Browser 4% Emails 4% and Android OS 2%. Any idea how to cut down the first two items anyone? We all have gripes with the 2.1 upgrade etc but my streak only last maximum 7 hours without charging again. Could this be a faulty battery as it charges up from scratch in 1.5 hours. I hope some of you can help. Cheers John  ******* UPDATE. I SURFED THE INTERNET / USED MY PHONE FOR 4 HOURS AND 32 MINUTES LAST NIGHT AND BATTERY WENT FROM 100% TO 0% IN THAT TIME. SURELY THAT CANNOT BE RIGHT FOR A SMARTPHONE??********
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