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Bored by waiting? then read on...

Waiting can swallow hours of our lives. According to a survey by Talk Talk, the average Brit will spend nearly two years of their life just waiting. The main time wasters include waiting in supermarket queues, for delayed flights, and for phones to charge. The typical adult will dedicate 48 minutes of every month just waiting for the bus to arrive! We also spend countless hours in various types of ‘waiting room’. However, it doesn't mean we can't enjoy these moments, if we choose. Perhaps the out of date magazines in the dentist or doctor's aren't inspiring, but you can still have fun and make time fly with an app such as Pixel Art coloring app. This pleasant activity will give you pleasure while you wait, and the minutes will fly by! Apps are generally a great way to utilise this 'dead time'. Who says waiting has to be boring?

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