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Build update????? Flashing Menu and Home lights. NOT 2.1, still 1.6

OK, not overly tech minded but not an idiot - just wanted to get that out there first! emoticon.Smile.title

I have Dell Streak, direct from Dell, about 3 weeks old. On Friday I received a notification saying a update was available. The file was a BUILD update not the Android 2.1 as far as I am aware. I installed it without thinking anything more.

Now I have a flashing menu and home light which is driving me nuts. 

I have checked the phone details and it is still Android 1.6, Baseband ****00-EU , Build 6267.

I have looked on forums and found the info to get to the fastboot screen but cannot get my PC (WIN7) or my netbook (XP) to recognise the Streak in that mode. Both try to find Android 1.0 drivers.

I had hoped to use Fastboot to go to build 4399 (O2 spec) and then use the O2 Android 2.1 download.

I have spoken with Dell today and all they say is that they will take my phone for repair - 10 days with no phone. COME ON!!! I only bought the thing 3 weeks ago! This should be an exchange not a bloody repair.

If there is anyone out there who can stop these flashing lights PLEASE tell me before I through this phone out of a window.

Yours in total frustration!


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Re: Build update????? Flashing Menu and Home lights. NOT 2.1, still 1.6

Had the same problem (or similar) . I used fastboot to 4399 (O2) - but i had to download several before I found a one working and then used 1.6 O2 update. After this O2 update to 2.1 - BUT there are other problems with the 2.1. - for example keyboard (no arrow keys - difficult to use) PC Suite not working etc.. check some posts here..

I can not give you the links and may be send the boot.img by mail if you need and can not find anywhere else.

 File name : Streak_104_4399_21.pkg


So I am back to 1.6 O2 and I am searching for boot & update original German / 00-EU version - any idea where i can download ?

also frustrated and waiting for WM 7


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