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Change Dell Venue 11 Keyboard settings?

I would like to alter my trackpad settings on the mobile keyboard (the one with the extra battery), but it doesn't look like there is a related driver or anywhere to modify the behavior of the trackpad.  Please help!

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RE: Change Dell Venue 11 Keyboard settings?

I just got my Venue 11 vPro a couple days ago. I'm a fan of DELL equipment. That's why I bought this venue instead any other brand... but I'm really disappointed with the keyboard (not the slim, the one with the battery) ...

The only explanation I can think of is that DELL hired a poor apple designer to engineer the keyboard, because it cannot be compared with anything else that I used from DELL before....

1 - No dedicated PageUp/PageDown  keys even though enough space for that above arrow keys (apple users won't miss it but they also don't miss right click buttons :p). Just try to navigate with just one hand using the keyboard without it 😕

2 - No possibility to directly use function F1-F12 keys, what means that regular windows shortcuts need additional key presses... rename (F2), close application or tab (F4), etc.

3 - Touchpad driver not configurable. Fortunately on the last update DELL at least brought the double tap to lock left click as usual on all other DELL notebooks, but why can't we configure it and functions like scroll zones?

4 - Screen doesn't have enough inclination... If you're a bit taller (taller than a dwarf), the only option you have is to use a higher table otherwise you won't have direct sight on the docked the screen. Screen should tilt maybe 10 more degrees to be used comfortably.

5 - No power port - Once attached to keyboard it'd be much more reasonable to charge from it, Why do I need to have a USB cable hanging "from the screen" with the risk of damaging the tablet connector? It could also have an additional input for fast charging using the same plug as the dockstation.

Nice to have for new revisions:

6 - No additional USB port for expansion.... Can't use a wireless mouse and have a usb port free for flashdrive at the same time. If i'm attaching a keyboard into a tablet, I suppose it's reasonable to expect I'll also need a mouse as input. Couldn't someone really think about it in advance?

7 - illummination - Ok, I knew that it is not available since the beggining, but add some leds for use of the keyboard on dim light woudn't be so difficult and would have a low impact considering the unit has it's on battery

8 - Talking about battery.. could be a little more capacity. I'm already attaching a heavy load on my tablet. why not make it worthy?

Suggestions to make the current version less *** and save some users from the hell of fighting with the keyboard everyday...

1 - Update firmware / Bios to make function key behavior configurable (enable the default action the function keys and not the media stuff on F1-F12 row

2 - Make Fn lockable on double press on windows driver: It would make life easier when navigating through a document just locking the PgUp/PgDn on arrow keys

3 - If hardware allows, please provide some costomization for touchpad.

These things should be not too to implement but would make users' life muuch easier... 

The perfect world would be:

4 - Make a new realease and take this *** as a good payment for exchanging for the new one.

Sorry about the text... But I'm really pissed off with this keyboard... It doesn't really deserve DELL's brand.