DELL wording on the back/battery cover came off

What's up everybody.

I just bought my Streak 5 (ANDROID 2.2) for just about 2 months i guess. or maybe less. It is an awesome device. Cool looking gadget to owns. Android apps are awesome. well, not all of them. Need more improvement i guess. 

Facebook and Internet surfing were never been the same as using laptop anymore. The 5" screen is just spectacular and fits nicely in your jeans pocket.

Camera was a bit disappointing i guess. Video recording are also not as i expected. but it is still 1 thumbs up.

Battery sucks! Dell need to work on it, definitely.

50% of the times hangs. don't know why? maybe too many apps running. or clashes or apss operating. i don't know. Maybe a DELL representative can tell me what's happening.

The DELL wording or then back/battery cover came off. Just the L word. Now just left the words DEL. HAHAHA. CAN I GET A REPLACEMENT BATTERY COVER? OR DOES ANYBODY KNOWS WHERE I CAN BUY ONE?




Note: probably I'm the only one in Malaysia uses DELL STREAK 5. Everyone else is using IPHONE. I GUESS. HAHAHA

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