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DVP screen become unresponsive when charging

Hey guys, Anyone here got the same problem with me? My DVP screen become unresponsive when charging the phone. Sometimes it totally unresponsive, sometimes very laggy. I don't have this experience when it's not charging. I just got this phone yesterday. UK unlocked, but currently using it in HK.comes built in with 7.0.7355 OS. Updated to 7390. .Sam
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Re: DVP screen become unresponsive when charging

Hey Sam,

There are actually a wide amount of Dell Venue Pros out there that become unresponsive/freeze/lockup when charging, surfing the web, browsing through the marketplace and more.  It is frustrating that I have a phone that continues to lock up often, even after the no-do update released by Microsoft for Windows Phone 7. There has been information scattered throughout the forums that Dell is releasing a firmware update for the Venue Pro sometime in April 2011 to fix these consistent issues with this smartphone. Hope that Dell comes through with this update to resolve the issues that many Dell Venue Pro owners continue to experience.

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