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DVP11 Apps load then disappear

Hi Guys,

I have a Dell Venue 11 Pro 5130, Win 8.1 32bit

Has been running fine. Installed Office and a few Apps from the store.

Only use about once a week. The other day when I used it I get the problem of an App loading then disappearing, and back at start screen. If I swipe from left, can see the apps, but cant run.

If  I create a second account, it can download and run the apps ok.

I tried to go to PC Settings, Update & Recovery, Recovery, Remove Everything and Reinstall Windows.

It goes thru the process, reboots, shows percentage of what doing. When finally reboots, comes back to my linked account, so obviously hasn't wiped an reinstalled.

Have seen the Dell articles on permissions, etc, and all look the same (haven't had to change anything)

So, I am REALLY puzzled on why it wont do a complete wipe and reinstall.

Any ideas would be helpful.

Happy to create a boot USB and fully wipe and install (if I can) but what about my product key for Win 8??


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