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Dell Streak 5 Portrait Mode


I am a new owner of a Dell Streak 5 and I hesitated a lot before purchasing the device! I think the biggest mistake Dell made was to launch the product with Android 1.6 because most of the websites that reviewed the product had Android 1.6 installed in their test - thus making the phone sound as it was an obsolete model. Really, the amount of reviews I have read, clearly makes one want to forget about the Dell Streak 5 and go for another company's phone. Fortunately I've stumbled across a great forum : "Xda Developers" which seems to be the 'home' of a large amount of Streak owners and their opinions clearly make me purchased the 5inch phone/tablet!


Said that, I liked the phone a lot but I am very annoyed by the fact that their is NO option to use the phone only in PORTRAIT mode! I was very surprised to notice that a 2011 product did not provide this option! Sure, this is a tablet, but it is also a phone and Dell should really think about including this option for people who wants to use it in PORTRAIT mode only. Auto-rotating can be useful at times but it is an absolute king of irritation especially when using the phone on the bed or when surfing the web (a slight movement makes the screen rotates and this get to the nerves at some point!!). I am sure that many owners want this option to be made available and I hope someone at Dell takes this into consideration for their next firmware. The choice to switch between Portrait Only and Landscape Only mode is a must option in nowadays daily use to have a good user experience and interaction with our phones. This is my only and biggest complain about the Dell Streak 5.


I use it as my daily phone and to surf the web and despite everything that has been said throughout the web, I don't think it is a big device. It is definitely poketable and I am looking forward to the next firmware upgrade.


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