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Dell Streak 5 canceled?

The Dell Streak 5 has been canceled?! 

I own one and it's my favorite phone that I've owned.  And I've had the cliche iPhone 3Gs & 4, several Windows 6.x phones and numerous Android phones and none of them were as useful or got as much attention as this phone.

Seriously, you can break out any iPad or iPhone and set it next to my Streak5 and everyone will be woo'd by this this phone.  I just bought a Corvette and people would rather look at pictures of the Corvette on the phone than look at the actual car. It looks large, but it comfortably fits in my pocket whether I'm wearing jeans or a suit.  The screen is large anough that I'm comfortable using it for basic I.T. work.  I might buy a second one just to keep on the event this one completely breaks since it's no longer manufactured 😞 

This phone could have been so much more if it didn't suffer from bad marketing, bad software (I had to root and rom mine) and a hefty price tag.  Hopefully they'll bring it back like Chrysler did the Challenger and Chevy did the Camaro 😉

So long, Streak5, the best phone no one heard of! 

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