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Dell Streak 5 no more?

I have been reading some of the forum replies and found out many think that Streak 5 is out in the picture of Dell. I own 1 and it kept shutting down ever since I started to download Android apps. Before this, is whenever I make video calls, it will shut down after few minutes. But now it became worst, my streak just shut down every 5 or 10 minutes. What am I suppose to do with all the apps I have? Is it really pointless to keep this device anymore? It seems like a trash when you own a smart tablet phone and cant fully utilize it. Didnt even make my life easier but more miserable. Is it really have to get a new Streak instead of keeping this 1 year old device? 

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Re: Dell Streak 5 no more?

... such a shame a company like Dell does not appreciate their customers and does not release update (2.3) for the  dell streak 5 . I will never buy a Dell product.

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