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Dell Streak 7 Help Needed!!!

I have a Dell Streak 7 running 3.2 Android. I have two questions I need help with. Question #1: How do I uninstall certain preloaded apps that I dont use to free up space? As example: Kendle & Amazon MP3. I have an Android phone so I know the "Uninstall" option but its not there on the Streak. Question #2: I am trying to install my T-Mobile SIMM card and the instrustions say to "Select the Start Up application on the device home screen" which I cant seem to find either. So any help with these two issues would be greatly appreciated!! Loving this Streak 7 so far!!!

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Re: Dell Streak 7 Help Needed!!!

hi glad your also likeing your streak 7 🙂 re: unwanted bundled stock apps im afraid your stuck with them 😞 • i also would like to rid some withe facebook™ being number1, you can only uninstall or freeze theese if you root your device which isnt advisable as would invalidate the warranty ..and re: installing tmobile simcard i cannot advise on that startup app , i have  a 3g streak not tmobile but i put tmobile paygo sandard call/msg/data sim inside the slot and did nothing else and it just works fine although not as fast as a data only sim..you may want to check the pinned honeycomb topic re: if decide to update your device

[:)]  Hiya From UK [:)]

Dell Streak-7  Force Shutdown / Hard-Reset / Safemode / Recovery  info hard-reset.com/dell-streak-7-hard-reset.html

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