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Dell Streak 7 Rear camera problem

Hello all,

I'm having problems with my dell streak 7 tablets rear camera. Ive send it back to dell already and got it back the exact same way. I'm going to try again, wanted know if this is a common problem... Here is the issue. The rear camera has a small black shadowy dot almost in the center of the screen. Its about 2-3mm in size. This only shows up in video and camera mode. It shows up after I record or take a picture. It appears to be with in the picture because it also show up after a transfer the file to a PC. This is really annoying. I Don't really know how else to describe the issue to dell. I'm afraid the warranty will expire and I'll be out luck. Any help will do...Thank you guys in advance...

.Oh..p.s the front camera is perfectly fine.



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