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Dell Streak 7 powers off when watching some video

Has anyone found a fix for this?  When watching video the tablet will restart on its own.  The strange thing is that it does not happen with all video, when watching streaming video on netflix it performs flawlessly but when I try to watch a video with my MLB.com account (live streaming baseball games) it restarts after about 10 minutes.  Whats stranger yet is that even when a video is stored on the sd card it will restart when watching it.

Its very strange and I'm yet to find a solution, I know that this is not a power issue because this happens even when it is docked.  And this is after the latest updates that solved the issue for sound through the streaks speakers when docked, any info would be greatly appreciated. 

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Re: Dell Streak 7 powers off when watching some video

I also have the same issue. Though I only encounter it from time to time. Sometimes, while watching live streaming videos.

Does it always work that way? [H]

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