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Dell VENUE 11 PRO 7140 keeps crashing when closing a word document

Hello all,

I'm having an issue with a VENUE 11 PRO 7140. 

Every time that i try to close a word document, the computer crashes giving me this error: KMODE_EXCEPTION_NOT_HANDLED. 

On the eventviewer looks like TOASTER.EXE caused the problem...

I know that that executable belongs to Dell data backup so i uninstalled it since it's an enterprise environment and we back everything up. I tried closing a couple of word documents and it worked fine.

The issue happened again (BSOD) when i had the user logon and try to open one of her word documents..

The other problem that i have is that i do not have full time access to that PC since the user needs to work with it. Had the chance to spend a couple of hours today but it doesn't seem stable.

Another strange thing that might be related to that is that the App readiness service keeps stopping even though i configured it as automatic on startup and to restart after each failure...

Any ideas what can probably cause this? Anybody has had any similar issues with this kind of tablet?

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