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Dell Venue 11 7130 and Docking Station

I've a problem with a Dell Venue Pro 7130 (core i3 4020Y, 128Go ssd, 4Go Ram, Windows 10 1903) with a Docking Station. Everything on the tablet itself work nicely. But when I connect it on a docking station K10A (K10A001), I can't get any output image on my external monitor (DP or HDMI). The monitor seems to be detected as it appears on Windows display menu. Moreover, the USB on the Dock seems to be USB2, but it should be USB3 speeds.
I can't update the firmware of the Docking Station (it keep asking me to unplug the power connector for 15 seconds).
I've already manage to install the "VIA VL812 Dell Tablet Desktop Dock USB Hub Firmware.". It went OK.
I also tried with Windows 7 x64 and Windows 8.1 x64 with no success.
If anyone got an idea...
Thank you
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