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Dell Venue 11 Pro freezing after start-up

Hello all

I got a Dell Venue 11 pro running Windows 8.1.

A couple of days ago my Dell tablet startet acting up. Whenever i turned it on the login screen appears. I type my password but after that i cant do anything. If i try going to the normal windows desktop i only see the wallpapar. No icons og whatever. I cant do anything from there. I tried ctrl+alt+del to go into the task manager to investigate if anything was running but i cant do it. When i try i get du the screen where i can choose, log off, turn off, task manager etc. But if i press the task manager the screen just go green.

Is try turning it off throug the same way it just get the "turning off" screen but it never turns off.

If i try and open a app, program or anything it just freezes up.

Can any one please help me. I got a lot of stuff on it like words and excel files i still need.

Thank you. 🙂

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