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Dell Venue 11 pro 5130 screen issues

Hi Dell or anyone with a Dell Venue 11 Baytrail 5130

I had experience when my screen turns off by itself occasionally and at first I thought it was a problematic machine.

After some digging and fooling around I found that this is because I place my dell tablet on my tablet pouch (a generic one) which has a magnetic flap and it aligns with the NFC area. 

I then pass different magnets over the back and the front of the 5130 NFC area and the screen turns off and sleeps by itself, and when i remove the magnet, the screen turns back on to the lock screen. Passing a magnet over the NFC area has essentially the same effect as pressing the power button once. There are no effects when you pass the magnet over different areas on the tablet. 

I made this video: 
To everyone who owns a US dell 5130, please advice whether your system behaves the same. I'd like to know if this is an inherent problem or is it just my unit. 

Also, can anyone suggest would it be harmful to have magnets in close proximity of this particular hardware

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