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Dell Venue 8 Android, battery loose, USB port loose

I just receveid my new Venue 8 (Android), I was waiting for this product to come available to purchase it,

looking itnot he quality of the product, I would like to know if anyone else have the same issues I have,

-when I connect the USB cable, you can easily move it sideways, like it does not fit right, so I connected it to the computer and moving the cable ocassionally would loose connectivity, I am planning to do a lot of copying of files to the tablet using USB port, and I am afraid that it would loose connectivity if the cable is moved,   is anyone else having the same issue? all the other devices I have the usb cable just plugs in and stays there, not much of a movement.

-the battery seems to be loose inside the unit,  I have used a few tablets before, and this is the first time I get a hold of one that when you move it sideways the battery is loose inside,  should it be like that? could someone test on yours? twice since I got it, the back of the tablet has snaped in, like the cover was not seated right (but it is).

Please let me know your finding,s I really like this tablet I just want to be sure if this is the quality I should expect from this tablet or should I return it.

I have used other tablets,   even cheaper ones and they don't show these issues.

Thank you.


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RE: Dell Venue 8 Android, battery loose, USB port loose

the USB wiggles a little bit on mine, but not enough where I think its going to pop out.  For me it "clicks" into place.  Once it snaps in, it takes both hands to pop the USB out.

Battery wiggling?  Mine feels really solid.  Do you feel something moving when you pick it up from a table?  I'd be a little concerned if your case is coming apart from the screen. Keep using it a lot. If it happens again, please call them or use support chat and explain it to them.  It doesn't seem like anyone monitors this forum.  Heck I even tried posting to the Google Plus page for "Dell Cares".  All I got was "I don't see what you are seeing".  If you do call them and if you explain to them that you are technical, it seems like they shy away from phrases like "please hard reset your device" and other things that wont help for situations like yours.

Overall, the price is great for a device like this.  Hope it works out

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RE: Dell Venue 8 Android, battery loose, USB port loose

My Dell Venue 8 Android does not have a loose USB/charging port.

Under normal conditions, I do not feel the battery moving, however if I shake it harder than I would normally, I can feel that the battery is not glued in and there is minimal movement.  I actually like the idea that the battery is not glued in place.  Probably means it could be replaced more easily if/when required.

I would suggest yours may have shipping damage if things are that loose.

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