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Dell Venue 8 Pro 5830 Not Charging

My Dell Venue 8 won't take a charge.  The Tablet was purchased in 2015 so I have used it for awhile and feel like I have inserted the adaptor correctly all of this time.  I'm sure I tried to install upside down several times but it doesn't fit but one way.  I read installing new software but I can't believe the software just now went bad. I have ordered a new adaptor, for what it's worth. The current adaptor will charge my phone and Kindle with no problem. so I have a feeling it's not the adaptor. Would it be possible that the battery is bad?

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RE: Dell Venue 8 Pro 5830 Not Charging


Unplug the supplied Dell AC power adapter from the wall and verify that the outlet is functioning.
Check all cable connections and plug back into the wall, then back into the tablet.
Check all connectors to ensure proper connectivity.

Run the diagnosics on the battery by folloing the information listed below.

If the battery needs to be replaced you will need to send the unit back to Dell for replacement.

Enhanced Pre-boot System Assessment (ePSA)

The ePSA is a diagnostic utility available on the computer. This utility includes a series of tests for a computer's hardware. Customers can run these tests even if the computer lacks any media (hard drive, CD drive, etc.). If a ePSA-tested component fails, the system displays an error code and generates a beep code.


Graphical User Interface.
Automatic Default Operation- runs test on all devices, allowing a user to interrupt and select any device.
Checks the Master Boot Record for readiness to boot into a full OS environment.
Tablet panel test.
Video memory test.
Battery test.
Charger test.
Event log scan.
Multiprocessor cache test.
Running the ePSA Diagnostic Utility

A NOTE indicates important information that helps you make better use of your computer. NOTE:
The following steps can be used to run the ePSA diagnostic utility in DOS mode without using an external keyboard.

The pen can function at the default calibration or at a calibration set by you or by another user. It is recommended that you use the pen only while it is calibrated to your personal calibration settings. Calibration optimizes pen performance for each user.

Power on the system.
Before the Dell Logo is displayed, immediately press the Volume Up button to get to the Boot Menu.

image of pressing the volume up button
Touch on Diagnostics or press the Volume Up button to move the pointer to Diagnostics, then press the Volume Down button to enter.
The system will begin running the ePSA utility automatically.

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RE: Dell Venue 8 Pro 5830 Not Charging


I was experiencing the same situation with my Dell Venue 8 Pro (5830) a couple weeks back. I thought it was the battery too because I bought it in 2013. I did replace it with a new battery, but alas, to no avail.

I purchased a service on eBay MyDriveRepair. FYI, I received my repaired unit yesterday and it was charging, again, as expected!

P.S. The micro USB is the problem. I got the amber light when I tried to recharge with my old battery (very low charge) but no white light. With the new battery (which has some charge,) I did not get the white light nor the amber. Also, I did get a quote from Dell repair which was very pricey!