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Dell Venue 8 Pro: cannot install Windows 10 update

Dell Venue 8 Pro Windows 10 downloaded Windows Update 1709 but couldn't install it:

"Windows 10 couldn't be installed

Contact your PC manufacturer to see if you can upgrade the system BIOS"

How I can solve this issue?

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RE: Dell Venue 8 Pro: cannot install Windows 10 update

Hi oleg2601,

Thanks for posting.

Unfortunately your post does not indicate which Venue 8 Pro you have, so in researching this, I found a BIOS upgrade here.  You may wish to research the support page for your model.

Dell-Robert P
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RE: Dell Venue 8 Pro: cannot install Windows 10 update

According to this article, www.theverge.com/.../microsoft-windows-10-creators-update-atom-pcs, Microsoft has been preventing PCs with Intel Atom Clover Trail processors from obtaining the latest Windows 10 Creators Update. At first, I thought only certain Atom processors could not be updated but this article does not specify any particular processor. I have been waiting to be pushed the updated but it has not happened and now the Fall Creators Update is out so I think it is not going to happen.  I have a Dell Venue 8 Pro 5830 with a Intel Atom Z3740D.

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Re: Dell Venue 8 Pro: cannot install Windows 10 update

I'm having the same issue with my Dell Venue 8 Pro 3845 running Version 1511. The latest update to the BIOS was July 2015. Any help or direction on how to update my OS to the latest Win 10 would be appreciated. Or at least how to stop MS from slowing down my system trying to update to a version I will never be able to install.

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Re: Dell Venue 8 Pro: cannot install Windows 10 update

Hi, I had the same problem. Continously I get the message for the MS update. It blocked my screen and I can't use the tablet.

I had updated the BIOS and all the driver from the Dell website.

I found no way to stop this. With Windows 10 Home, you can't stop the feature update.

After that, I wanted to clean install Windows 8 Pro. With this installation, I killed my tablet. The problem is known and in the result, the motherboard must be replaced (280 Euro). I throw my Venue 8 in the trash and I buy a Teclast Tablet with Windows 10 and Android (85 Euro).

Good luck for you!

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Re: Dell Venue 8 Pro: cannot install Windows 10 update

Dear All,

I've a similar problem:

Dell Venue 8 PRO with 1GB / 32 GB with running Windows 10 1709 running on it.

Windows update is trying to update to 1803, but it always fail with code 0x800706ba.

The progress is as follows:

Downloading, Installation complete, reboot, then 0% --> 100% then 2nd reboot.

Then message: Working on Updates, very slow, at around 30% the 3rd reboot.

Now: Restoring old/former version of W10 and reboot with 1709.

Windows Update is downloading 1803 and everything is coming around again.

I did a complete reset of the PC and tried also an USB stick prepared with media creation tool.

I'd appreciate any help, because now I'm completely running out of ideas what to do.


Yours sincerely



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Re: Dell Venue 8 Pro: cannot install Windows 10 update

What happened when used media creation tool
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Re: Dell Venue 8 Pro: cannot install Windows 10 update

Hi all,

Same problem here with my Venue 8 Pro 5830: Windows Update destroyed all the drivers AGAIN (according to System Information, it's the build "10.0.17134"):
- no more response from the touch screen (so, no more way to use it alone)
- no more sound

Thanks to my USB OTG cable, I'm able to connect a mouse and use parts of it, but it's horrible:
- the battery life became ridiculous
- no more battery indicator
- the screen brightness is always set to the maximum (how can I set this ? the controls are gone)
- using a mouse for typing on an on-screen keyboard is a nightmare
- no more camera
- sometimes I'm not able to start a session because this stupid OS is asking me to configure a "PIN" and reenter my password with no way to activate an on-screen keyboard

I did not find any way to install the Windows 10 drivers for the Venue 8 Pro released by Dell in 2015 and 2016, and yes, I had the up-to-date "Dell Update" program installed and launched several times manually, but this is useless bloatware. I also installed the BIOS update A16 released in march 2018 but this does not help.

Are Dell or Microsoft still supporting this <Profanity removed>Windows 10 operating system ?

This is the second time Windows 10 or Windows Update is killing most features on this tablet. Last time, I restored Windows 8.1, updated everything, "upgraded" again to Windows 10, and updated everything using tips I found on several web pages. It worked, but I will never ever do this again. This stupid game was very very expensive: it costs too much time (and a lot of bandwidth and restarts). Is there another TESTED solution, or is this also planned obsolescence ?

Thank you and best regards

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Re: Dell Venue 8 Pro: cannot install Windows 10 update

Hopefully things have settled down for you, but I have never had any clue of the problems you show here. I've installed ALL Win10 versions on my Venue 8 Pro without a single issue during install and after on my device and my wife's as well. ZERO issues.

I think your comment that Win10 is a <Profanity removed>OS is ridiculous. Sounds typical Social Media Speak to me, where reality is not a requirement.  I have it installed on 5 of my own devices, 3 of my wife's and hundreds of my clients, all kinds of hardware. It's a great OS!!  It works and works and works!!!  I've used and support Android and IOS, and Win10 is head and shoulders over those. 

Again, hope you have sorted your issues out. If your hardware is not out of kilter, Win10 WORKS!

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Re: Dell Venue 8 Pro: cannot install Windows 10 update

Windows 10 works fine on lots of computers but this thread is about the Venue 8 Pro. If you have this device with a 32 GB eMMC drive then Windows 10 Update is a problem because of the lack of disk space. And since Windows 10 is unrelenting in trying to update to the latest version it becomes a problem. Even Microsoft has realize this is a problem hence in the next update of Windows 10 they are going to reserve 7 GB for updates. You may not have had problems installing Windows 10 on your Venue 8 Pro but you didn't specify if yours only has a 32 GB disk or if it was a fresh install or an update. Not everyone wants to do a fresh install for each updated version of Windows or delete enough stuff to make room to update. So in a way the Venue 8 Pro with a 32 GB drive and Windows 10 is a <Profanity removed> combination. Microsoft could have solved this problem by allowing the update process to use a microSD card in the Venue 8 Pro.

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