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Dell Venue 8 Pro has Slow or No Wireless Connection When Bluetooth Devices Connected

I have a Dell venue 8 pro tablet, i bought it last year from NewYork. I really love this tablet and i dont want to leave.

But it has a problem about the Qualcomm Wireless Bluetooth Chip and driver.

When bluetooth is off Wireless connection works well. No sleep issue or anything. Everything is ok. But When i open bluetooth connection and starting to use my Microsoft Wedge Bluetooth and keyboard wifi connection is getting slow or no internet connection.

There is a problem in the chip this Bluetooth and Wireless functions not working well together. I need help to fix this issue. Anybody using Bluetooth Mouse and koeyboad with Dell Venue 8 Pro? And is there a solution about this problem?

Installed Windows 10 Anniversay Update on My Dell Venue 8 Pro tablet. 

Im waiting for the helps from users and "Dell (Actually) "


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