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Dell Venue 8 Pro problem with boot Window 10 from usb

Hi, I had a problem with my tablet, frequen freezes and I couldn't woke up tablet when it was asleep. So I decided to reinstall Windows 10. I used Media Creation Tool and I downloaded Windows 10 32 bit. I created usb boot with Windows 7 usb dvd then I plugged in The Dell Micro USB Dongle for Data and Charging, usb hub, mouse, keyboard, pendrive to my tablet. But when I choose pendrive from bootable device I'm stuck on Dell logo. Before I did it without any problems but now something is wrong and I don't know exactly what. When plugged in only pendrive to dell micro usb dongle Windows installer loading normally but mouse and keyboard not working. I don't know how to resolve this problem. I have tablet without any system now. Should I send it to the service ? 

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