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Dell Venue 8 and Word macros

Using Dell Venue 8 with Word 2013. I created a macro using Word "macrobutton" field. I reset my taps / clicks from from 2 taps / clicks to 1 in an autonew macro. It works. I can also reset back to 2 taps. The problem is:

I can run different macros by tapping the macrobutton field with the Dell active stylus but I cannot run the macro with a finger tap. I am not operating the "click" button on the stylus. I also tried a "non active" inexpensive stylus and it will not activate the macro. Only the Dell active stylus makes the macro run with a simple single tap.  Is there a way I can get the macro to run with a finger tap instead of using the stylus tap? Finger taps, Dell active stylus and inexpensive stylus will work for all features in Word. Microsoft told me the manufacturer might control this on their end. Thank you.

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