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Dell Venue Pro 11 7130

Bought tablet in November, had 4 days use of it and the screen went black, after I had installed Microsoft updates, about 900megabytes, then started installing dell updates, the screen ent black after installing video recommended update. After hours of emails and telephone conversations, machine was finally collected for 'repair' returned to me 2 days before Christmas, unusable as bitlocker had locked the drive, unknown to me as I had no way of unlocking it. Dell then sent me a memory stick to reinstall windows, which I did, day off work of course to do this, managed to reinstall windows, again another 950megabytes of updates, but found I had no Bluetooth, after hours of trying and phone calls to dell, so could not use keyboard or mouse, then screen went black again, The machine is on, cannot see anything. more emails more phones calls, tablet just lying on desk useless, can anyone help me as dell have done nothing about it, had email stating looking into my problem, nothing since beginning of January. Any help would be appreciated

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