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Dell Venue Pro - Should I just return it?

I really want to love it but sadly my new DVP has the following issues:

Dust collecting under screen

WiFi unusable because it consistently crashes phone

TouchScreen appears to have a poorer standard of protective coating compared to other leading competitor devices

Headphone jack sound quality is poor with an ambient white noise present


In short I'm wondering if it's worth pursuing a replacement, does anyone know if Dell technical expertise has been mobilised to resolve any of these issues (indeed can they be) making it worth while getting it replaced for the dust issue and waiting for the fixes?

or should I just cut my losses and pursue a refund and look to get another windows phone device?

Any opinions or experiences you can share are most welcome 🙂

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Re: Dell Venue Pro - Should I just return it?


Oh i SOOO would have returned my Venue Pro if i could. My problem was that i was past my 30 days return period, and after 30 days its just a replacement with a refurbished model. So there is no point now unless they actually get off there lazy fat bottoms and do something.

And that brings me to my second problem. Customer support. There is none. I will never buy another dell product and will tell everyone i know to do the same. The thing is its not just the venue pro's, its all there phones. A quick look at the forums here and at xda forums and you will see just how many people are having problems with this phone.

I think i could live with out wifi and half the ram, but if this dell venue pro doesn't get the mango update i'm going to be so freaking upset i will throw this phone at the first dell rep i meet.

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