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Dell Venue Pro now is 1/5/11

It looks Official just got this email, I'm going to cancel I'm not waiting another month. Dell you lost my money!


"We wanted to let you know that there is a delay with one or more items in your order.
Based on the latest available information, we have adjusted the Estimated Delivery Date and are confident your order will be delivered on or before 01/05/2011"

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Re: Dell Venue Pro now is 1/5/11

Oi, guess there's still time to find another phone.  Brothers broke and I told him I'd get him one for Christmas but rather than look stupid explaining a delay I myself don't understand I guess that's the only real solution.

It's a real shame..this phone should of been out last month with the others and technically it did come out on time just hasn't been fixed and revised to a sell-able state since.  People were actually expecting theirs today after being told it would ship overnight is the irony of it all...

I'm sure they'll go on Christmas vacation any day now and brush this all off.

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