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Dell streak 5 restart loop

Not that I really expect to get a solution, but ...

I bought a Dell streak 5 2 years ago. After 1 year the touch screen stopped responding. I got a replacement. 1 year later the second unit stopped working too!

In this case, after 5-10 minutes of normal usage it suddenly reboots and never restarts again. I need to remove the battery, wait for a few minutes and try again to get another 5 minutes of usage.Of course this makes the device completely useless.

I tried every standard procedure (factory reset, etc) but the problem persists, so I presume it's a hardware problem.

Does anyone know any miraculous solution for this problem? 

Now its running the stock  out-of-the-factory Android 2.2

It's a pity that Dell cared so little about this device ...

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paul hoehn
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Re: Dell streak 5 restart loop

I have one too (same specs) and it does the same thing. No one can or will answer your (my) question. I really like the phone but I think it has been written off by dell.

paul hoehn

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