Dell venue pro 11 7130

So I am having exact same issues as many others with Dell venue 11.  There has been no real answers or techs out there to get solution.  You would think there would be support from someone from Dell as so many like me have had problems since they bought but they thought it was minor until the day it wouldn't power up at all!  Just another to say NEVER buy support, no service!

So... I had left a piece of my original dell charger at my parents house made the mistake in thinking that if battery indicator light is on its still charging using Android charger.  While i too always had issues with not waking properly, not powering right away, the microusb would not always connect, I would have to play with it to load most times. I didn't think anything when I saw it calibrating once again.  After calibration it powered down, tried to press power realized at the 4 sec.mark it would turn red, then back to white when plugged in.  Let it charge all night.  Tried again today same thing.  Vibrated and showed red first time and black screen came on with a couple options.  But by the time I went to read options it powered down and then would not even give the vibrate any longer.

I had the dell keyboard with battery as well and both were fully charged on Monday.  Took 5 days in sleep mode to drain.  

It's not charging at all now.  You make it sound like you fixed your after playing...?  Any suggestions?  Anyone else?  Could it be past point of battery too far gone?

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