Dock external video troubleshooting and single thread

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Trying to consolidate all of the dock video threads into a single one.  This will help me to gather information on what is and is not working out there and get it to engineering to resolve.    I'll edit this first post to keep everything updated in one place.  This should make it much easier to find information going forward.

Steps to take before reporting an issue:

1) Check the revision on your dock.   If you look at the bottom of the dock, you will see a variety of labels.   The PPID label is on the right side of the group of labels and will include a revision number at the end.   Verify that you have an A01 revision.   If you have A00 and if video doesn't work after trying the remaining steps in this guide, contact support and have your A00 replaced with A01.

2) Be sure to update your device to the latest BIOS (currently A11 for the 713x and A07 for the 5130).  For the 713x, select the appropriate version for your product.

3) Update to the latest video driver.   This is currently 3496 for the 713x and 3366 for the 5130 (note that 5130 driver is bundled in the A06 chipset driver).

4) Connect your monitor(s) to the dock.   The preferred method is to use straight DP to DP or HDMI to HDMI cables.   Dongles will work, but note that DP dongles must be "active".   DP++ dongles (non-active) will not work with this docking station.   Passive HDMI dongles are OK.   Use good quality cables and dongles.   Monitors should be HDCP compliant.

5) Turn monitors on and set up external video either via the Intel graphics driver options or via WIndows Devices/Project option.   The 5130 will support the LCD + one external display (two displays can mirror content if desired).  The 713x will support the LCD + two external displays (each displaying unique content).  The 713x will support daily chained DP 1.2 monitors.  Dual external monitors can run at FHD (1920) and a single external monitor via DP can support 2560.

6) At this point, your external monitor should be working.   If it is not, a couple of additional troubleshooting steps to take follow.

6.1) Remove and reinsert monitor cable to dock.

6.2) Make sure dock power is good (LED at front of dock should always be on when good power is present)

6.3) Make sure that monitor has correct input source selected and that cabling is routed to correct ports.

6.4) Undock and redock tablet to see if any change occurs.

6.5) For the 713x tablets, try rolling back to the A00 video driver 3316 to see if this makes any difference.

7) If external video is still not working as you expect it to, please post to this thread with the following information.

7.1) Confirmation that you have tried the above steps and that you do indeed have an A01 dock.

7.2) Brand and model number of your monitor(s).

7.3) Setup information (e.g. how is everything connected)

7.4) If using dongles, brand and model number of dongle if known

7.5) Specific problem(s) you are seeing.

Watch for updates to this thread as information develops.   I'll be updating below tables fairly frequently - I need to dig up the test reports and add all of that information here soon.

List of monitors confirmed to function:

1907WPc (DVI)
2007WFPb (DVI)
2407WFP (DVI)
E248WFPb (DVI)|
P2213 (DP, DVI)
U2413 (DP)

List of monitors reported to have issues:

U2312 (DP to DP) - No video sync with 3412, seems to work with 3316.
U2412M same issue as U2312
ST2220L (HDMI to HDMI) - Not detected after dock power removed/reinserted.   Workaround is to remove HDMI and dock power, plug in power first and then HDMI.
ST2340t (HDMI to HDMI with USB 3.0 touch) - Tablet thinks monitor is USB after suspend/resume

Acer G246HL - DP flickers/image doesn't fill screen (with Cable Matters active DP dongle), another where monitor doesn't work at all.

Dell E198FPf - DP flickers/image doesn't fill screen (with Cable Matters active DP dongle). 

NEC LCD17V-BK -  - DP flickers/image doesn't fill screen (with Cable Matters active DP dongle). 

Viewsonic VA702b -  - DP flickers/image doesn't fill screen (with Cable Matters active DP dongle). 

Acer AL1716 -  - DP flickers/image doesn't fill screen (with Cable Matters active DP dongle).  

E2209Wc - Works via HDMI but not via DP

AOC E2450SWH - HDMI works fine, DP to HDMI (Astrotek AT-DPHDMI-MF Active) flickers.  DP to VGA (Comsol DP-VG-AD) flickers.   Persistence issues.

Dell P2314H - DP to DP - long delay, doesn't work at all or flicker.

Dell P2314H - DP to DP - long delay for DP monitor to come up after HDMI is working.   Ok with monitor power management disabled.

E2209Wc - DP to DVI shows up in displayport topology but monitor won't work.

Dell P2414H - DP only works 10% of the time

Dell P2210 - DP only works 10% of the time

Dell P2210f, 2210t, 2210Hc - Don't work DP to DP

Dell E220Wf - Won't work DP to DVI

Dell 2009Wt - Won't work DP to DVI

Dell 2213 - Some work some don't?

Dell U2413 - No video via active DP to HDMI adapter, works fine with straight DP

Dell 2414Hb & Dell 2009Wt - DP to DP - failure to redetect after dock cycle, only mirrors, won't extend.

HP LA1951g - Flickering when using VGA, OK with HDMI to DVI

P2210f - OK with DP to DP, problematic otherwise.

Dell U2412m - doesn't work with DP

Dell S2240M - Doesn't work with DP to DVI active adapter

P2314H - DP to DP fails to reconnect after sleep cycle

List of dongles confirmed to function:

Cable Matters Gold Plated Active DisplayPort to HDMI Male to Female Adapter (tested on 7130)

Cable Matters Gold Plated Active DisplayPort to DVI Male to Female Adapter (tested on 7130)

Bizlink Dual Link DP to DVI Adapter (sold out for now)

List of dongles confirmed to have issues:

Any DP++ (passive) dongle - dock does not support DP++ (passive) DP dongles.


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RE: Dock external video troubleshooting and single thread

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What are you guys doing for the u2312 and u2412 monitors?

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RE: Dock external video troubleshooting and single thread

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I have done all of the above for two tablets on three different docks. Rolling back display drivers, changing frequency from 60 hz to 75 hz, resetting monitor settings to factory, different dongles, etc... Nothing fixes the DP to VGA flicker. I have a ProSupport case open (Case #892060509) for this issue. In that support case, I was sent a new dock which did not fix the flickering from the DP port. I am using DP to VGA dongle from Cable Matters. The video is there, it just flickers constantly. The part number for the cable is: 102019-3. On the HDMI port, I am using a Cable Matters HDMI to VGA dongle which has been rock solid regardless of the monitor I use. The part number for the HDMI to VGA dongle is 113046-Black. I have never had a problem getting video from either port, just a constant flicker on the DP port when going to a VGA monitor. The monitors I have tested with, and confirmed to flicker are as follows: 3 x Dell - E198FPf 1 x NEC - LCD17V-BK 1 x ViewSonic - VA702b 1 x Acer - AL1716 If you remove any of these monitors from the DP port and put them on the HDMI port, the flickering stops.
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RE: Dock external video troubleshooting and single thread

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What are you guys doing for the u2312 and u2412 monitors?

Right now gathering information on everything that isn't working for people.   Next step, fix it.   Try the A00 video driver (as mentioned in the post) as that has resolved for some people using that monitor.

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RE: Dock external video troubleshooting and single thread

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I have dock A01

Bios A11

Video driver

The Dell U2412M monitor connected DP -> DP doesn't work. Windows sees the display as turned on and extended to it, but the screen is just black.

The Viewsonic monitor connected to the HDMI port works fine as it always has.

I didn't try rolling back the video driver again. I did this before and it solved the problem until I rebooted the computer. Then it was impossible to get it to work again. So I'm not going to go through that again.

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RE: Dock external video troubleshooting and single thread

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Hi Brian. I have followed all the steps. Rev 01 Dock, both revisions of firmware etc, running A11 and still have problems. I am running two AOC E2450SWH monitors. One is connected with straight HDMI. This works fine, it always has done (Even with Rev 00 Dock). The other I am using an active DP adapter. I have tried both active DP to HDMI (Astrotek AT-DPHDMI-MF-Active) and active DP to VGA (Comsol DP-VG-AD). Both adapters are having the same problem with both the A00 and A01 dock. The issue is flickering in the screen and the display turning on and off (on both the monitor and tablet).This only happens to the DP monitor. Sometimes I can have the set up running on both monitors (with the tablet screen off) with only minor flickering, however if the computer goes to sleep and then wakes up I have to start all over again unplugging cables, re-docking the tablet etc. At the current stage if I plug in the DP adapter the HDMI cabled monitor stops receiving a signal and goes black and the DP monitor and tablet turn on and off every 4 seconds or so. As soon as I pull the DP cable out the back of the dock it reverts to the HDMI screen and tablet and all works fine. Please help!
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RE: Dock external video troubleshooting and single thread

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Brian, Thanks for putting this thread together. My set-up and experiences are as follows: - I have a non-vPro 7130, so am on BIOS A10 (A11 doesn't appear to be out for non vPro devices as I write this). - My dock is an A01 revision (sticker on bottom says RegID K10A001 and it was delivered from Dell in March 2014). - My monitor is a Dell P2314H, connected DP to DP. - I was using the 3412 drivers and would find that every time I re-docked, the monitor would either take a long time to come on (30s or more) or would not come on at all (sometimes I could "force it" by fiddling with display settings, but sometimes I needed to just reboot). - I downgraded to the 3316 driver on Tuesday and this is *much* better. Generally, I can redock and it immediately comes on. However, I have had one case (this morning) when it hit the old behaviour - in the end I had to unplug the DP from the dock and, eventually, unpower/repower the dock before the screen came on. Bottom line, for me the 3316 driver has been the key over the past few days - it has only been a couple of days, though, so I'll update this thread if I see more problems.
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RE: Dock external video troubleshooting and single thread

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I tested the S2220T Dell monitor (Touchscreen) and the display is working BUT the touch functionnality aint working.  Using HDMI to HDMI cable with latest screen drivers.

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RE: Dock external video troubleshooting and single thread

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I just installed the, A02 Video driver and I still see a big delay for the monitor connected to the DP port. The times below are how long it took for the DP monitor to display after the HDMI monitor.

Power on from shutdown - 24 sec
Hot plug, place onto dock - 51 sec
from sleep - 3 sec
wake up monitors from "Turn off the display" power state - 9 sec 

Dock - A00
Venue vPro 7130 8/256, rev A00, BIOS A11
DP to DP Monitor Dell P2314H
HDMI to DVI Monitor Dell S2409W

The 3316 driver works well except I have to set "Turn off the display" Power option to Never, because sometimes the Venue will stop recognizing the two external monitors connected to the dock. From what I could tell from the short time I used the 3496 driver is it seems to work with the Power option "Turn off the display" and keeps the displays configured, but has a big delay time for the DPmonitor when coming back on.

Home: Venue 11 vPro 7130 A01, Inspiron 3521, XPS 8700, PowerEdge T110
Work: OptiPlex 9010, PowerEdge 2950, R710, R720, R730

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RE: Dock external video troubleshooting and single thread

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Dell 7130 A11

Dock A01

Monitors E2209Wc

HDMI to DVI works fine on both monitors

DP to DVI will show up in DisplayPort topolgy but doesn't detect monitor.  Have tried both drivers with same results.  Have one straight DP to DVI cable and then another I've also tried a DP to DVI adapter not sure of the model but had the same results with both.

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