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Does Dell Know how BAD their website is.

I purchase many tablets on the Dell Website and I am amazed that a big company  has such a poorly designed website.

My current angst is that I ordered a couple of their Venue 10 Tablets, looks nice and a great price the trouble is that they missed their delivery date of 9/25 (it is now the 9/28) and I can't provide them to the end user as promised. So when I go to the Dell Website the status is in production.

A little angry at Dell for missing their delivery date and making me look bad, I thought I would contact customer support from the website to leave a message requesting a new ETA. Guess what, when I click on the customer support button I get basically a blank page that Says Customer Support but no other means to contact them or leave a message.

If their is anyone out there at DELL who is a real live person, I would like to chat with them because I have several issues with their products.

I would hate to think that DELL doesn't care about brand loyalty from someone like me a 20 year dell customer. Maybe HP is better

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RE: Does Dell Know how BAD their website is.

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Re: Does Dell Know how BAD their website is.

I agree.  Searching for stuff doe not work.  Dell is not listening to customers.  They are behind a wall.  Trying to reach someone to talk to them about problems is pretty hard.   How does Dell keep going?  How do they compete?

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