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Donut taskbar/status bar/notification bar, in 2.2

As of now there are several images/videos of Dell streak running Froyo with Stage UI is out, based on that I think its pretty cool, apart from that the current images of Dell Streak Froyo doesn't shows the custom taskbar, that's kinda let down for me. So any possibility of getting the 1.6 taskbar in Froyo or will there be any option to switch to 1.6 taskbar, it is very useful and handy and I liked that very much.

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Re: Donut taskbar/status bar/notification bar, in 2.2

The taskbar is very useful. Hopefully it will be in 2.2, but if not I don't doubt that the cooks will come up with a install package for it. You should pop over to the XDA forums and request someone work on doing that.


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