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Driver install errors during MDT Deployment on Latitude 10 ST2


We receently began purchasing Latitude 10 ST2 tablets for use throughout the company. We use MDT 2012 update 1 combined with Microsoft Automated Deployment Toolkit (ADK) for the WinPE 4.0. I am able to successfully deploy our Windows 8 Enterprise image to these devices. I inject the WinPE drivers during the deployment which includes the storage, network, and communication drivers. After the OS installs I install the remaining drivers as applications. These include the chipset driver, feature enhancement pack, input drivers, fingerprint driver, wireless driver, broadcomGPS driver, and the DDPA install. I am getting errors in the deployment of these items installed as applications during the deployment.

I can troubleshoot the errors from the User State Restore I am not concerned with these but has anyone experienced errors with the various Dell drivers during the deployment? Below are the install commands that I am using. I removed the silent switches on the .msi packages for troubleshooting purposes. If I add the drivers in their compressed form I do not get any errors but my deployment process basically will progress as soon as the package is extracted, it does not wait for the install to finish. Therefore I extracted the files ahead of time and the working directory is the extraction location. I then install by calling the .exe or .msi.

Chipset - Setup.exe - Successfully installs

Broadcom GPS - msiexec.exe /i "broadcom_Location_x86_ACPI_LTO_19.14.6362.4.msi" - Fails to install

DDPA - setup.exe - Successfully installs

Feature Enhancement Pack - DFEP_Setup32_2_2_1.exe - Successfully installs

 Fingerprint Driver - msiexec.exe /i "setup.msi" - I think this installs but errors with 1602 seen above

Wireless - Setup_BTW_12.0.0.6300_Win8_UART-113drv_wapi_whql_11w_EAP-DELL.exe - Errors, seen above, but BT and wireless are functional

Now in the extraction location for the BroadcomGPS I found a suggested command and I will add this today and test.

                    msiexec /i Broadcom_Location_*.msi /qn /norestart /l*v log.txt

In the meantime if anyone has any advice on the failing driver installs or various errors it will be welcomed. The errors seem to be leaning more toward the .msi installs.

Thanks ahead of time.




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Re: Driver install errors during MDT Deployment on Latitude 10 ST2

Just an update to my scenario. I have made some changes and cleared up some of my errors. I am pasting my new results. The error I am getting on the Broadcom GPS was due to me pointing it at the wrong folder. I extracted the contents to a folder called BroadcomGPS. The msi file is in the installer folder within that folder. I was pointing the install to the root folder and not the installer folder within so the install was not even running because it could not locate the msi. So here are my new results and this is prior to the discovery on the Broadcom GPS issue. I am still getting errors on other Dell drivers even though they are installing. I welcome any feedback as to why I am getting these errors.



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