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[HELP]Venue 11 7140 pro dead after bios update

It was running well with win10.

No matter how long I pressed the power button, nothing happened.

Plug it with the official 24w charger, white ambient light turn on.

press volume down and hold power button for seconds, light turns orange and back to white.

when I plug in usb charge cable, I can hear the electric current sound for seconds.


ANYWAY can I safe my venue 11 7140 pro?


---------------here is what i did before it bricked----------------

I downloaded the official bios update, and run the updater, told me from A09 to A20 version.

And it did a normally restart but I want to go to the bios menu with press volume down button.

It went into bios menu, and I press volume +/- to make choice, and it blacked out, and can never be turned on.


thanks to all dell services.

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