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How do I repair this problem -- Dell Venue Pro 8

The charger and USB connection is loose. I plugged in the charging cord but it doesn't charge. Sometimes it does this when the cable is plugged in and held in certain position.  The problem isn't with the cable. I changed cables and sockets but the tablet still doesn't charge.  I think the socket is loose. If I plug in the cord and move it from side to side, the socket moves from side to side.

The tablet shows the symbol to indicate that the power cord is plugged in. It recognizes the power cord. However, the battery charger that moves up and down to show that it is charging doesn't move.

What is the problem with the tablet? Do I have to get a new one or throw the old one away? How do I fix this problem? Do i need a new cable?


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RE: How do I repair this problem -- Dell Venue Pro 8

You might consider a repair service such as MYdeviceRepair, available through eBay.  Try a search there on "Dell Venue 8 Pro repair", which specializes in the port repair.  The last I checked, the charge was a reasonable US$30 or so, which included the return of the tablet.

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