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Installing Windows 10 on Dell Latitude 10 St2e Solved

I have been struggling installing Windows 10 on a friend's Dell Latitude 10 ST2E  while I remembered I had been be able to use Windows 10 on the same model for all over two years. 

I reached out to Dell Support team via Twitter and they confirmed my model is not supported: http://www.dell.com/support/article/us/en/04/sln298840/latitude-10-and-10e-tablets-are-not-windows-1....

What was the issue then?

Once the operating system was installed on the device, there was incompatibility with the graphics driver. Thus I couldn't play any video. With a single attempt the, the tablet would just crash and end up in the blue screen. At wit's end indeed. 

Enough me talking. Let me share the solution : 

-  Install Windows 10 1067 build (If you install the later version, the tablet will always crash due to the unsupported processor, click here to learn why)

 - After the tablet has booted install the chipset driver from here

 - Reboot the device

 - Make sure the BIOS version of your device is A07. Use these steps to learn how to check the Bios version.

 - If your system is running on Bios version lower than A07, then install this version

 - Reboot the tablet, and the graphics issue is gone. 

That's it. Your comments are welcome! 

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Re: Installing Windows 10 on Dell Latitude 10 St2e Solved


My Dell Latitude 10 ST2 with Intel Atom Z2760 (1.8 GHz, 2 GB RAM), BIOS A09, 4/2/2014 runs Windows 8 Pro Ver 6.5.9200.

I have some questions before going to install windows 10:

  • Which 1067 release or date?
  • My BIOS version is A09, not A07 does it works?
  • After install windows 10 allow the automatic update or not?


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