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Invalid SIM after unlocking Venue Pro

I've got a T-Mobile Dell Venue Pro and requested an unlock code as I'm heading overseas in the near future.  Thankfully I had a non T-Mobile SIM card handy so I went and put in the provided unlock code which worked.  Unfortunately, once unlocked, I received an error saying "Invalid SIM".  I've tried several SIMs I have from other carriers, and each one does this.  My T-Mobile SIMs work correctly.

I need a fix for this before I head out next month, and searches haven't supplied any solutions.  It looks though like I am NOT the only person with this issue.

Options would me appreciated.  Thanks!

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Re: Invalid SIM after unlocking Venue Pro

Just a guess........since you did not specify, but seems a bit logical

If you got the unlock code from T-Mobile............ they may have given you a code that only unlocks you into the foreign GSM network through their sim only.

Were you told the code was going to fully unlock the phone or just unlock it for use in Europe on T-Com....

I wonder........... I have T-COM Croatia account and when I first got back when it was active, I was right into T-Mobile Data USA EDGE immediately.

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