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Marshmallow 6.0 update please!!!!!!

Hello there guys. I just ordered the venue 8 7840 bundle at a great price. Please Dell listen to your users outcry and bring us the marshmallow update that this tablet deserves. At the price point that the company has given this amazing tablet I am sure people will see the true value and if you bring the best ever Android operating system created your units will fly off the shelf and give Dell a presence in the tablet realm. Thank you Dell for always providing the best in technology. If anyone sees this post please join me in requesting marshmallow 6.0 for the venue 7840. Have a blessed day!

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RE: Marshmallow 6.0 update please!!!!!!

I'll second that, although I've had mine for a while (love it) and didn't get a great price 🙂   Easily the best tablet I've ever owned, although that might change if they don't continue updates on it for an OS (Marshmallow) that came out less than a year after GA.

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RE: Marshmallow 6.0 update please!!!!!!

FYI dell will never make another update for the tablet as I see it.

Dell failed on getting loli out when they released the tablet, even though at CES the PR folks said it would ship with loli.. Then it took 4 months before they released loli for the tablet, only relenting after some major online android sites started questioning dell..

Dell in my opinion is a joke and I will keep touting this to every techie I meet.