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Multiple Dell Venue 8 Tablets Stopped Charging

I have four Dell Venue 8 tablets (2 5000 series and 2 3000 series) running Windows 10 in a kiosk application. All four devices are permanently plugged in and have been happily chugging along just fine for months.  

A couple of weeks ago all four suddenly started exhibiting the same symptoms. The battery icon would show they are plugged in but not charging. If I unplug the power and plug it back in the icon will show the charging animation for 10-15 seconds and then go back to not charging. 

The devices will run down until the low batter forces an OS shutdown. When not running the devices will eventually charge back to full. 

I've updated the BIOS on all the devices and I'm using the stock chargers. Nothing physically has changed but all four devices that were charging have decided that's something they no longer want to do.

I suspect a Windows update is behind this but I cannot find reference to any other types of devices being affected with similar problems after the last Patch Tuesday. 

If it had been just one device I'd have written it off as a battery or USB port failure. But all four? At the same time? Too coincidental.

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