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New unlocked Dell Venue Pro (UMTS 2100,1900,850) not accepting AT&T sim !

Hi Dell and Dell Users,

I have just purchased an unlocked 16 gb dell venue pro UMTS 2100,1900,850 from dell's website. First thing is on website, ph was specified to come with WP7.5 but instead came with WP7. Though this is not an issue, I plugged my phone into my pc with Zune and it got upgraded to WP7.5.

The problem is, this phone just does not accept AT&T sim. Always from the day one (with WP7 & WP7.5 both)  it throws an error, "The sim card is missing or invalid". Same sim works fine with my iPhone.

Any help in this regard is highly appreciated. Need to return this device if it does not work like this.

Thanks in advance,


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