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No MMS, can't update to 7720

My phone gets bricked if I update it to 7720, the touchscreen stops working and then if I try to use it the phone restarts. Any other version works like a wonder like the 7004, 7392, etc. So I'm waiting for the next version.

I googled it and it says I can find the MMS settings in the EM but it doesn't appear there... even doing the "qwertyuiop" trick...

The only settings that appears in Settings/Cellular is for data connection not for MMS

This is what I get in the EM Menu (after getting a matrix image while loading)

-Phone Information
-System Information
-RD Test
-Service Center

OS version: 7.0.7403.0
Firmware revision number: 2250.1500.7004.105
Hardware... : 112.576.2.0
Bootloader version:

I bough this phone in Amazon, it's the T-Mobile version 8GB, UNLOCKED

I live in Costa Rica, so I would have to send it back and pay the shipping, and then taxes again when getting it back.

Tried restoring, updating, reseting, etc.

Is there any solution for this? like flashing or uploading the firmware, OS, all the data to the phone again like if it were new? Doesn't matter if voids warranty, I want my phone working by any way

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