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I have moved from eyeFone to DELL Streak simply for Android openness. Hardware gave up on day10. Battery icon with red exclamation mark keeps on showing on the screen even a hard reset won't fix it nor a live tech support over the phone. Got it replaced on day17 with the promise that it will come with Froyo. Froyo was not installed and stuck with 1.6. Did not get Froyo until after day20 when I have to inquire about it after reading from the DELL website. My provider is Rogers in Canada.

So far, I am forgiving the few kinks that I am seeing...but wait, I saw this community so might as well 'share' my observations - no.1 is about the screen lock. Why was it moved from the hard button to the soft screen button? When I wake up my Streak 5  from sleeping, the delay in touchscreen reactivation is terrible. It was almost instantaneous when it was on the Menu button...no.2 In landscape mode I can see both sides of the left and right sides of the adjacent screen/stages and yet they are not active. Why is the need to show it?...no.3 DELL PC Suite won't talk to it after the Froyo upgrade (1.6 was talking to it!)...no.4 Bluetooth connection with internal audio option won't connect to my built-in car bluetooth. It allows phone only connection. Stevie Job's unit connects flawlessly. Why???...the rest of my whine I can live with it if I decide to stick with Streak 5. Don't get me wrong, I have studied and reviewed the specs of this phone/tablet for about 4 months before I abandoned the apple gadget, and I have a complete paradigm shift to love this phone. I loved the first few days of it, got excited before Froyo...but I need some cheering up from DELL. If I don't hear any upcoming upgrade in the few days, I'll get captivated by Somesun or who knows if I will become a prodigal son of Mr. Job? Oh wait, are those Streak 5 hardware issues I am seeing over there?

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